Confirmation of citizenship of child

Foreign parents can apply for Ukrainian citizenship for their child. For this, they must choose the nationality of the child and go through the verification of nationality. The father, mother or legal representative of child may apply for its registration as citizen of Ukraine if the child is a person without citizenship or a foreign citizen.

How to obtain Ukrainian citizenship for child

According to Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine “On Citizenship of Ukraine”, a person is a citizen of Ukraine, if (any of the following terms) *:

– parents or one of the parents at the time of birth were citizens of Ukraine;
– was born on the territory of Ukraine from stateless persons who legally reside in Ukraine;
– was born outside of Ukraine from stateless persons who permanently live legally on the territory of Ukraine and did not acquire the citizenship of another state at birth;
– was born on the territory of Ukraine from foreigners who legally reside in Ukraine and did not acquire any parent at the birth of a citizen;
– was born on the territory of Ukraine, one of whose parents was granted refugee status in Ukraine or asylum in Ukraine, and did not acquire any parent under the birth of a parent or acquired the citizenship of the parent who was granted refugee status in Ukraine or asylum in Ukraine;
– was born on the territory of Ukraine from a foreigner and stateless persons who legally reside in the territory of Ukraine, and did not acquire, at the birth of the citizenship, of a parent who is a foreigner;
– is a newborn child found on the territory of Ukraine, both of whose parents are unknown (found);

A person who has the right to acquire Ukrainian citizenship by birth is a citizen of Ukraine from the moment of birth.

During the submission of the application and other documents on citizenship, a passport document or a document that replaces and certifies the applicant’s identity, as well as a residence document of the applicant in the territory of Ukraine or his/her permanent residence abroad shall be presented. If required, a certified translation of the text of the document into Ukrainian shall be provided.

In addition, depending on the grounds for acquiring citizenship there is a list of other necessary documents which must be submitted.

Documents can be submitted by one of the legal representatives of the child. Proof of citizenship of the child is carried out by the Migration Service of Ukraine. If the State Migration Service makes a positive decision, it issued a certificate that shows a proof of citizenship of  child – Ukraine. The certificate also fit in Ukrainian surname, name and patronymic, ground verification of citizenship, with the date and place of birth.

This certificate is valid: three years – for children up to seven years, children over seven years – before 14 years.

We can help you verify citizenship for the child, providing expert help to get documents. Also, our staff will give advice on the availability of grounds for proof of citizenship of the child.

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