Ukraine permanent residence

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Ukraine permanent residence permit allows a foreign citizen or stateless person a lot of advantages, such as long stay in Ukraine, visa-free entry, no additional costs with frequent visa, employment without issuing additional permits. Also permanent residence foreigner equates the rights to the citizens of Ukraine, with reservations expressly provided for in the law. You need only remember that the residence certificate should be updated at the age of 25 and 45 years.

How to get Ukrainian permanent residence

In accordance with Ukraine immigration laws on Ukraine immigration official website there are two groups of people who are eligible for permanent residence registration.

The first group includes those that are made under the immigration quota. They are necessary state highly skilled, culture and science, major investors, who contributed more than 100 thousands USD. Also in this group fall victims of trafficking and refugees, former Ukrainian citizens and their family members (grandparents, grandchildren, brother and sister). Issued quota parents, children and the spouse of a person who has received a permanent residence.

The second group is made except those quotas. This may be the spouse of a citizen of Ukraine, its children or parents, guardians or caregivers, persons under guardianship or the care of a citizen of Ukraine, as well as those of citizenship which Ukraine is a matter of national importance.

If the foreigner draws up permanent residence, in the territory of Ukraine, at the same time he issued an immigration permit. If a foreign national is outside the Ukraine, it must first get permission to immigrate and seek with him to the consulate to open an immigrant visa.

The term for considering an application for an immigration permit is not may exceed one year from the date of its submission.

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