Extension of stay in the territory of Ukraine

Professional legal assistance on extension of stay in Ukraine

Calculation of the authorized period of stay in Ukraine:

1. The length of stay of foreigners who are citizens of the countries with the visa procedure of entry, as well as stateless persons is limited by the term of the visa – a foreigner or stateless person may temporarily stay on the territory of Ukraine during the period of validity of the visa granted by the visa, but not more than until the last day of the validity of the visa.

2. Citizens of states with a visa-free regime of entry may temporarily stay on the territory of Ukraine no more than 90 days within 180 days, unless another term is specified by international agreements of Ukraine. During the stay in Ukraine, the calculation of the authorized foreigner’s stay is carried out by the officers of the SMSU by deducting 180 days from the date of control (the day on which it is necessary to determine the legality of the stay of a foreigner on the territory of Ukraine). A foreigner has not violated the specified term, if during this 180-day period, he stayed on the territory of Ukraine no more than 90 days.

Grounds for receiving the service:

  • submitting an application for an immigration permit
  • application for the acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine
  • the presence of grounds that do not allow us to leave Ukraine
  • other cases when it is necessary to extend the term of stay (treatment, pregnancy, care of a sick family member, registration of a legacy, performance of official duties by a foreign correspondent or representative of a foreign media etc)

Processing time:

  • no more than three working days. If it is necessary to carry out additional inspections, this term can be extended up to ten, and in case of submission of documents for decision making – fourteen calendar days

Grounds for denial of service:

The decision to refuse to extend the term of stay of a foreigner or stateless person on the territory of Ukraine is accepted in the following cases:

  • the necessity of ensuring national security or public order
  • the need for health protection, protection of rights and legitimate interests of citizens of Ukraine and other persons living in Ukraine
  • when the passport document of a foreigner or a document certifying a stateless person is forged, damaged or not in accordance with the established pattern or belongs to another person
  • submission of knowingly false information or false documents by a foreigner and a stateless person
  • when facts of non-fulfillment by a foreigner and a stateless person of a decision of a court or bodies of state power authorized to impose administrative sanctions or they have other property obligations to the state, natural or legal persons, including those connected with the
  • previous expulsion from outside Ukraine, including after the expiration of the prohibition of further entry into Ukraine
  • when there are reasonable grounds to believe that the alien and stateless person have other reasons than those stated in the application, the
  • grounds and purpose of stay in Ukraine or they have not submitted the corresponding confirmation
  • absence of sufficient financial support for a foreigner and stateless person for the period of stay or appropriate guarantees of the host party

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