Volunteer visa to Ukraine type D-10

Temporary residence permit with annual extension based on volunteering in Ukrainian NGO

All candidates for volunteering programs in Ukraine should obtain an according long-term 90 days visa type D-10. Such a visa allows its holder to apply for a temporary residence permit arrival to Ukraine, for up to 1 year with a possible annual extension.

The procedure may appear rather complicated for the people who know not much about the Laws of Ukraine and do not speak Ukrainian language. To save your efforts, nerves and, what is more important, avoid fatal mistakes it is better to rely on professionals. Our experienced immigration lawyer in Kharkiv city is pleased to give you more insights into how to prepare documents for volunteering visa and residence permit on arrival. Our company specializes in migration law and provides foreign qualified legal services for employment in volunteer organizations of Ukraine. Together with us you will be able to receive all necessary documents in a short time and be sure that you will not be deceived.

How to get a volunteer visa to Ukraine?

According to the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine dated July 15, 2013 No. 681 “On Approval of the Temporary Procedure for Processing Applications for the Registration of Residence Permits and Temporary Residence Permits”, foreigners and stateless persons have the right to obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine from a volunteer organization.

First of all, a volunteer organization should be included in the list of organizations and institutions involved in the activities of foreigners and stateless persons to conduct volunteer activities in Ukraine. Secondly, the institution must make an invitation to a foreigner on its official letterhead, indicating in which project the work of the future volunteer will be used in accordance with the law of Ukraine “On volunteering activities”.

It is imperative to take into account these conditions, as there are not isolated cases when foreigners who do not have grounds for legal stay in Ukraine become prey to fraudsters.

After receiving an invitation to a foreigner in Ukraine, he must apply to the Ukrainian Embassy in the territory of his country to receive a “D” visa for a period of 90 days. This requirement does not apply to the citizens of the following countries: the Russian Federation, the Republic of Moldova, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Georgia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Armenia, as the relevant international agreements were concluded between Ukraine and the above-mentioned states on the establishment of a visa-free regime between the countries.

Why go to Ukraine to become a volunteer?

Each has its own reasons. Someone wants to see new countries and learn a foreign language, others are looking for adventure and want to get out of their comfort zone, the third is interested in working in the chosen field - and they want to get their first experience in it. And also - volunteers receive certificates that can become a useful line in the resume.

A volunteer is a person who, for free and of his own free will, engages in socially useful activities. He/she does not receive money and does not work in the interests of commercial organizations. Moreover, the volunteer does not need to be a professional in any field. In Ukraine, there is a large number of volunteer projects in the field of ecology, assistance to people with disabilities, children and socially vulnerable groups of the population (for example, the so-called difficult teenagers), internally displaced persons from temporary occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, and Crimea.

Volunteers in Ukraine have to work in the field of charity?

Yes, but not only. Volunteers also work in NGOs, budgetary and municipal organizations: for example, in youth and rehabilitation centers or in kindergartens. There are really many such organizations.

Anyone can become a volunteer in Ukraine?

No, there are restrictions, primarily on age. You can participate in the program only from 18 to 55 years old. Moreover, they are allowed to submit an application at the age of 17: the main thing is to come of age at the time of the trip. Another limitation is that you need to know English at least at a basic level. Recommended minimum is B1 (Intermediate). You will need it to independently choose a volunteer project from the list and submit an application for it (fill out the form and write a motivation letter). After that, the organization you contacted will select volunteers from among those who wish – you will have to go through an interview.

Let’s say they took me. Will I pay for flights and lodging from my pocket?

It depends on the project. Many programs are grant. This means that volunteers are paid for visa, round-trip flights, accommodation, meals and public transport on the spot, and also provide pocket money. Moreover, participants are given health insurance and paid language courses if necessary (for example, the local language).

Thus, to get a volunteer visa to Ukraine I don’t need money at all?

In fact, you will need it – you will first have to buy tickets and a visa with your own money, and the volunteer will compensate their cost on the spot within three to four months (if the organization will cover it). In addition, you might want to buy clothes, shoes or something else in Ukraine. Then you need to have an extra amount with you.

Is it allowed to work apart of volunteering in Ukraine?

No, a volunteer visa does not entitle you to paid work in the Ukraine. In addition, with the employment of volunteers, it is difficult to find time for part-time work. However, nobody will forbid you to do freelance projects for customers via the Internet, as long as you have the strength to volunteer.

By the way, about employment. What will it be like? And how long will all this go on?

It depends on the organization you get into. There are various volunteer programs – from two weeks to a year. Typically, volunteers work a maximum of 40 hours a week with two days off, and each month they are allocated two days off additionally (excluding public holidays).

Where will you have to live?

There are several options: in a separate room in a rented apartment with other volunteers or local residents, and also in the host family. There are options when you have to share one room with other volunteers, but this is always warned in advance, even before the start of the program. Therefore, if this is not convenient for you, you can refuse.

If I work badly and skip, will they kick me out?

They can. The fact is that at the start of the project, a tripartite agreement is signed with the volunteer – it is called the Volunteering agreement or Activity agreement. Such an agreement is concluded between the volunteer on the one hand and its host, as well as the sending organization on the other. The work of the volunteer is monitored by a coordinator who distributes work tasks. If you systematically refuse to fulfil them without explaining the reasons or often skip, the coordinator may take the initiative to terminate the contract, and the organization can agree with him. In this case, the volunteer will be sent home prematurely. However, before that, they will sort it out in a conflict situation and try to help solve it less radically.

Let’s say I like it there. Can I extend my stay in Ukraine?

Theoretically, yes. If you really like the organization in which you will work as a volunteer, she can apply for a work visa. But you need to prepare for difficulties: the grant will end, and you will have to provide for yourself. You can still find another volunteer program. And other organizations cover expenses only partially or do not cover at all. It is simply impossible to stay in the country as a tourist – a visa is issued strictly for the duration of the volunteer program.

And if, on the contrary, it does not work? Can I change the program?

No, the grant is issued only for a specific project. But if you have serious difficulties, the host organization will try to solve them – the volunteer can change the direction of activity or the work team. If everything is completely bad, you can return home earlier – there are no penalties for this, and you will still be paid a return ticket.

I wonder! What is the action plan?

  • Find the volunteer project you want to participate.
  • Send an application (fill out the form and write a motivation letter).
  • When you receive a positive response, apply for a grant through the sending organization.
  • Get a visa and buy a ticket.

Hire an immigration lawyer in Ukraine

AR MAX GROUP it is a boutique legal office that focuses on its narrow profile services for foreign nationals and stateless persons in Ukraine and who only plan to move to Ukraine, and provide a wide range of professional services on any matters related to visa, temporary residence permit, immigration, permanent residence permit, citizenship, refugee status, doing business, employment, legal protection in any cases with state authorities, appealing unlawful decisions of state authorities, representation of interests at litigation.

Why you should choose us?

Through our narrow profile, we have gained a great deal of experience in solving any issues or problems listed above. The cost of our services is relatively acceptable, justified and not overestimated, and the quality of services at the highest level. When you will contact us once you no longer need to worry about your legal issues. Our experienced English-speaking licensed immigration lawyer will be your trusted and cost-effective partner. The legal office was established in 2014. The head office located in Kharkiv city in east of Ukraine.

Inactivity or contacting persons who do not have lawyer’s license might cause you irreparable damage and lead to unforeseen negative consequences.

How do we work

Our immigration lawyer works in a strict compliance with Ukrainian legislation, provides exhaustive legal consultations and prepares high-quality support documents

Preliminary legal consultation – Individual legal consultation – Planning up the legal work, processing terms and payments schedule – Phase-by-phase payment – Commencement of work – Result

How much cost temporary residence permit based on volunteer invitation?

legal services by agreement - delivery of invitation and support letters by agreement - visa fee 65 US dollars or more - medical insurance by agreement - state administrative fee for residence permit 1891 UAH - medical insurance for residence permit up to 1900 UAH

*Embassies and consulates of Ukraine for the issuance of all types of visas (transit, short-term, long-term) pay a consular fee at a base rate of 65 US dollars, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine. At the same time, for certain categories of visas to foreigners from certain countries, the consular fee is charged at a tariff rate exceeding 65 US dollars, taking into account the principle of reciprocity.

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