Work permit in Ukraine 2020

Professional legal assistance on work visa and employment in Ukraine

Employers in Ukraine have to employ foreigners and stateless persons based on work permit that issue territorial offices of State employment service.

Our immigration lawer provides a full scope of legal assistance for employment in Ukraine starting from issuance of work permit and up to obtaining of work visa type D-04 and temporary residence permit on arrival to Ukraine, it’s extension and maintence of taxation issues. It is worth to mention that foreign workers have right to invite their close family members to reunite in Ukraine and live together.

On this page you can read a short summary information about work permit in Ukraine. It is recommended to contact our lawyer for complex legal consultation and assistance.

*Without the permission employment possible for: holders of permanent residence permit, refugees or holders of complementary protection, representatives of the foreign marine (river) fleet and airlines, workers of foreign mass media accredited for work in Ukraine, athletes who have acquired professional status, artists and art workers to work in Ukraine on specialty, workers of emergency rescue services for urgent work, workers of foreign representations registered in the territory of Ukraine in accordance with the procedure established by law, clerics who are foreigners and are temporarily in Ukraine at the invitation of religious organizations for the performance of canonical activity only in such organizations, foreigners who arrived in Ukraine to participate in the implementation of international technical assistance projects, foreigners who have arrived in Ukraine for conducting teaching and / or scientific activities at higher educational institutions at their invitation.

Grounds for obtaining a work permit in Ukraine

The employer also receives permission for such categories of persons, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine, the consent to be bound by which is provided by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine:

– foreign workers on a business trip;
– intracorporate cessions;
– foreign highly paid professionals;
– founders, shareholders and beneficiaries of company/organization established in Ukraine (*minimal wage does not apply);
– foreign IT professionals (*minimal wage does not apply);
– foreign workers of creative professions (*minimal wage does not apply);
– graduates of the universities included in the first hundred in the world rankings of universities in accordance with the list established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (*minimal wage does not apply);
– asylum seekers (persons who applied on refugee status and wait for the consideration on the application (*minimal wage does not apply).

What is a minimal salary for foreign worker in Ukraine?

In accordance to state budget of Ukraine for 2020 the minimal salary for Ukrainian citizens is set to 4723 UAH. For foreing workers apply the following salary rates:

– five minimum wages (23615 UAH)- for foreign hired employees in public associations, charitable organizations and educational institutions as defined in the Law of Ukraine “On Education”;
– ten minimum wages (47230 UAH) – for all other categories of employees.

How long can be valid a work permit in Ukraine?

The permission is issued for the term:

– the employment contract, but not more than three years;
– the validity of the contract concluded between the Ukrainian and foreign business entities, but for not more than three years – for seconded foreign workers;
– during validility of decision of foreign business entity to transfer a foreigner or stateless person to work in Ukraine or during validility of contract concluded between foreigner or stateless person and foreign business entity, the transfer to employment in Ukraine – for intra-corporate cessions;
– the labor contract, but not more than one year, for all other foreign employees.

*The work permit may be extended for an unlimited number of times.

How much cost a work permit in Ukraine?

The administrative fees for issuing and extending the work permit in 2020 till 01 July are set to the following:

– for 1-3 years work permits or it’s extension for such term – 12612 UAH;
– for 6-12 months work permit or it’s extension for such term – 8408 UAH;
– for 1-6 months work permit or it’s extension for such term – 4204 UAH.

*For asylum seekers the issues of work permit is free of charge.

Please note that the mentioned above rates are only for issuance of work permit! Legal services, visa fees and other expenses should to be paid separately.

Processing terms for issuance of work permit

– seven working days – about the issuance of a permit;
– three working days – about the extension of the permit or about the amendment of it.

What legal services we provide on your employment in Ukraine

Once you will confirm with your potential employer all the formalities, you are kindly welcome to contact us for professional legal assistance at all stages of your employment in Ukraine: starting from analysis of your work contract and negotiations with your employer and up to obtaining work visa and temporary residence permit on arrival to Ukraine, and even relocating your family members to Ukraine based on your work visa. 

Important notice

We do not search jobs for our clients.

Many people make inquiries to our staff whether we can find jobs in Ukraine for them. With due respect we would like to stress your attention that everyone should their work that they specialize. It should to differ the work on findings jobs in Ukraine and the legal services on assistance on obtaining work visa and legalization in Ukraine based on empoyment.

Where to find work in Ukraine for foreigners

Here we would like to present the recommended resources on Internet that are the most popular and trustful among job seekers in Ukraine. Most of them are presented in Ukrainian and Russian languages however in most cases the employers who do look for foreign employees in Ukraine they publish their proposals in English or other languages.

Need just only a work permit to travel to Ukraine?

Professional legal assistance immigration to Ukraine by business registration

If you are not intending to work for someone then you can work by yourself! With our legal experience and possibilities we can propose you a business invitation letter for 90 days, registration of limited liability company on arrival, obtaining of work permit, re-entering Ukraine with long term work visa, obtaining of temporary residence permit, its annual extentsion, mininization of taxaition. Service also includes counseling, accounting and legal defense.

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