Schengen tourist visa

Professional legal assistance for foreigners residing in Ukraine

Package of documents which we provide (or assist to prepare) for applying for tourist visa to Schengen countries:
tourist voucher, plan of trip, booking of hotel and flights tickets (or bus, train), insurance, proof of sufficient finances, confirmation of legal status in Ukraine, visa application form

Visa validity length:
up to 90 days

Quantity of entrance:
1, 2 or multiple

Schengen visa countries list:
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein

How to obtaine Schengen visa from Ukraine?

The Schengen Agreement entered into force on March 26, 1995. Then it was signed by 5 states. Passport control was abolished inside the Schengen zone.

Since then, more than two dozen countries have joined the agreement; as of November 2013, the agreement was signed by 30 states and actually operates (with the abolition of border controls) in 26 states: Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark (without Greenland and Faro), Iceland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein (joined Schengen on 19.12.2011), Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia.

Automatically enter the Schengen area (although the agreement was not signed): Andorra (together with Spain), Monaco (together with France), San Marino (together with Italy).

They signed the Schengen agreement, but left passport control – and therefore are outside the Schengen zone – the UK and Ireland. These countries need to open separate visas.

The entry of Cyprus into the Schengen area has been postponed for an indefinite period due to problems with northern Cyprus.

Registration of Schengen visa

Making a Schengen visa is quite a complicated process, which includes:

– collection of the necessary list of documents;
– preparation of documents for submission to the embassy;
– communication with employees of the consulate.

If you decide to issue a visa “on your own” – you will have a number of obstacles and difficulties.

The Schengen zone was created in order to ensure the movement of people across the Schengen countries. Schengen visa in any of the countries entering the zone of the Schengen gives the right to visit any of the countries of the agreement and is valid on the territory of each of them. Registration of the Schengen visa gives you the right to freely move around Europe. The only condition is that the country that issued you the Schengen visa must be the first country of entry.

Shengen visa application procedure

The process itself, the opening of the Schengen visas in Kharkov, occurs quickly. From the moment you submit the full package of necessary documents to the consular department and until the moment you get a visa, it takes about working 7 days. In practice, most of the time is spent preparing, collecting the necessary documents.

How much cost to obtain Schengen visa

Regardless of the way you go, the cost of obtaining visa will carry a number of compulsory payments: visa fees, consular fees, medical insurance, photo production. Today, there are two options for obtaining a visa:

  • independently open the visa: collect the entire package of documents, pay all fees, make an appointment for filing documents, apply at the appointed time to the consulate. Estimated cost of an independent application is from 50 €;
  • Use the services of the EE visa center in Kharkov. Quickly – will increase your chances of getting a Schengen. The approximate cost of a package of services is from 100 €.

Required documents for issuing Schengen visas

In order to issue multi-visa for Schengen countries to foreigners, it is envisaged to prepare a single list of basic requirements (additional requirements, the type and method of presentation of the financial support for documents confirming the purpose of the trip, each country reserves for itself).

Schengen visa application form

The visa application form, correctly filled in with the Latin alphabet, is signed exclusively by the applicant, with the photo inserted fully responding to all the basic rules. For children under the age of majority, the application form is filled in and submitted by one of two parents (or guardian). A separate questionnaire is prepared separately when the child is inscribed on the passport of the relative (or guardian), where the visa is also stuck in addition.


Two color photographs.


Personally signed, passport, owner, who meets all of the following requirements:

– the validity of the document is longer for 90 days, from a planned trip through the territory of Europe;
– the document is not older than 10 years old, has at least 2 clean pages (if the child is additionally served, additionally 2 more pages are free);
– if there are several passports, their original and all copies of the pages are attached to the questionnaire and all the documents for the visa. In case of cancellation of the previous document, produce certificates from the passport office or make notes in the national passport of the State Administration;
– provide copies of previous visas, marks on their use, for the last 3 years of the year, as well as pages where the marks are made.
– are served together with the 1st page of the passport.

Non-citizens of Ukraine, must file:

a document certifying legal residence in Ukraine with a valid term exceeding 3 months after the visa expires.

Internal, national passport

Original, all copies of the pages of the national passport, where there are notes. The case of changing the name, during the first month such a document is changed to a new one.

European insurance

Insurance vouchers for medical coverage must fully comply with European standards:

– operate within the European Schengen Department or have coverage in all countries of the world, reimbursement equivalent – 30 thousand euros, the monetary equivalent of the maximum franchise maximum 150 € (exception for Rivne, Lutsk, Ternopil region);
– all the completed data, not excluding each letter, a person in a medical insurance policy, must necessarily be reliable, without errors;
– the case of a single visit to the country, the term of insurance policies should exceed 15 days of the Schengen visa validity period and cover the entire period of the trip;
– in the case of issuing long-term visas is valid for the period of the first targeted trip;
– the insurance policies themselves are provided in the original form and a copied receipt (cash receipt), which carries information about: the number of the medical insurance policy and the personal data of the applicant);
– only an adult can be an insurance policy holder. The insurants for children are one of two parents, possibly – registered guardians;
– the policy itself must comply with the European standards and sound like: Medical, guaranteed insurance is carried out within the framework of the “Decision of the Council of the European Union from 2004 / 17EG on medical guaranteed insurance of tourists abroad” (actual for registration in the Kharkiv region).

Clarifying documents for the issuance of visa for children

Minors of Ukraine, in addition, prepare the following list of documents:

– civil certificate issued at birth;
– in accompanying invitations or confirmations of hotel booking, the names of all accompanying persons are indicated;
– copied from the parents’ passports pages;
– permission to leave Ukraine to child signed by the next of kin, notarized (even with a joint trip of parents with the child).
The case, the child is accompanied by a distant relative, in the notarially-authorized permit the personal data of the person are indicated. It is necessary to provide completely information about the third person: acting visas, copied the main pages of all passports.
In the permit, clearly indicate the dates (from and to) the validity of the document, the host country.

A minor tourist, inscribed in the document of one of the two parents, is applied for visas only with that relative. Additional permission from this parent is not required.
The case, the child has only one of the parents, additionally submit official documents certifying the sole custody.
Confirmation of employment in Ukraine
Employees submit: references with the specified personal data, the date of commencement of employment, the position held, the salary with interpretation for the last six months. Information from the place of work is of an official nature: on the company letterhead of the organization, signed by the issuer.

Individuals – private entrepreneurs, submit one document to choose from, listed (in original form and copy):

registration extract from the USREA;
license documents;
a declaration from the tax service of Ukraine, issued and certified by the body of STSU, for a period not exceeding 3 months.
Citizens who are temporarily not employed, submit a document to choose from one of the following:
information from your bank about the savings funds on the settlement account, with the decryption of their movement on the account, it is enough for the last 3 months of the month;
possibly, present the original and a copy of the travel “travel” checks (with a cash receipt for their purchase);
the applicant’s declaration of financial status was personally written.
Pensioners file the following: a pensioner’s certificate, extracts from the PFC on the receipt of funds for the last six months.

Students at school and students

All students are provided with one of the following documents:

the specified period, when a student or student is free of lectures, is issued by institutions of all categories of accreditation;
certificates from the school, o not denying the absence of the listener in a certain period.
In some cases, confirmation is given by documents certifying the proprietary rights of a person to immovable or movable property, for persons crossing the border for the first time, the filing of the last tax return is provided.

Confirmation of financial security


Sponsoring – when sponsors are close relatives. A letter is sent about the intention of sponsoring, the status and the balance of monetary resources with the movement on the settlement account. Additionally, documents about the family relationship of the sponsor are submitted.

Personal financial independence

If you have your own money savings, in order to prove your financial solvency, for the registration of Schengen visas for Ukrainians, one of the following documents is provided:
an extract from a commercial bank, with the decoding of the movement of own money on the settlement account, for the last 90 days;
travel-checks are submitted in original form and copies from all sides, with a cash document of purchase.

Confirmation of the purpose of the trip
Individually, each country makes a decision, depending on the type of visa for Ukrainians, introduces its requirements for the number, type, list of documents.

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