Russia tourist visa

Professional legal assistance on tourist visa application to Russian Federation for foreign nationals residing in Ukraine

Package of documents which we provide (or assist to prepare) for applying for tourist visa to Russian Federation:
tourist voucher, plan of trip, booking of hotel and flights tickets (or bus, train), insurance, proof of sufficient finances, confirmation of legal status in Ukraine, visa application form

Visa validity length:
up to 30 days

Quantity of entrance:
1, 2 or multiple

Dear tourists! When submitting documents for russian tourist visa, a consular fee for russian visa cost:

– for EU citizens, EUR 35 per ordinary / urgent EUR 70
– for citizens of the USA 160 USD. regardless of the type of visa.
– for citizens of Asia 60 USD / urgent 120 USD,
– for citizens of Africa from 90 to 120 USD! Refine
– for citizens of Australia – 120 USD / urgently 240 USD

The visa is a permit to enter the Russian Federation, stay in the Russian Federation and transit through the territory of the Russian Federation of a foreign citizen or stateless person during the validity of the visa in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The visa fee is charged for consular fees provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The usual period for issuing a visa is no more than 20 working days from the date of the applicant’s application. Based on the principle of reciprocity with a number of states with which the Russian Federation has concluded agreements on the simplification of the visa regime, this period may be shortened. The date of application is the day of submission of all documents provided for by the regulatory framework, duly executed.

How to get a tourist visa to Russian Federation

The issuance of a visa to a foreign citizen may be refused in the cases established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the paid consular fee is not refundable.

From the need to obtain a visa for entry into Russia, citizens of a number of countries who have corresponding agreements with the Russian Federation have been released.

In the case of applying for a visa of a foreign citizen not in the country of his / her nationality, an important condition for the receipt of documents is that the applicant has the permission of the migration authorities of the host state to continuously stay in the country for more than 90 days. In this capacity, for example, a temporary or permanent residence permit, a work permit, a long-term visa for more than 90 days can serve.

Before applying for a visa to a foreign citizen or stateless person, it is necessary to fill out an electronic visa application form, and then print it out and submit it to the consulate abroad of the Russian Federation personally or through a legal representative. The application form is signed by the applicant and, in the case of applying for a visa for a minor, by one of the parents or by a legal representative if there is a notarized consent from the second parent or parents. The answers should be given to all questions in the questionnaire, as well as complete and scrupulous. If there is a discrepancy between the information provided in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, a foreign citizen or stateless person will not be allowed to issue a visa to enter Russia.

On the basis of the principle of reciprocity, the provision of a health insurance policy is mandatory for all citizens of the Schengen States (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland , Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Germany, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and Estonia), as well as Israel and Ireland. The amount of medical insurance coverage must be at least 30.000 euros. The policy should be valid for the entire period of stay in the territory of the Russian Federation in the case of a single or double entry visa or for the first trip if a multiple visa is received.

A valid foreign passport or other document proving the identity and recognized in this capacity by the Russian Federation must have at least two blank pages intended for gluing in visas, its validity period should not expire earlier than six months from the date of expiry of the visa. In the case of issuing a study or work visa, the validity of the passport should not expire earlier than one and a half years from the date of the visa’s validity. All passports are kept at the consular overseas institution during the entire visa processing period.

The actual photo size 3.5×4.5 cm can be black and white or color with a clear face image full face without glasses with darkened glasses and without a headdress (except for foreign citizens and stateless persons for whom the constant wearing of the headdress is a mandatory attribute of their national or religious affiliation, provided that the foreign citizen is depicted in such a headdress on the photograph in the passport).
An employee of a Russian consular overseas institution is entitled to request additional documents confirming the purpose of entry into the Russian Federation and the conditions of stay in Russia.

Depending on the purpose of entry into Russia, visas can be business, humanitarian, private, workers, educational, tourist and transit.

Russian visa requirements

To obtain tourist visa, the applicant provides the following documents for russian visa application:

– valid foreign passport of a foreign citizen or a travel document of a stateless person;
– completed visa application form;
– one photo;
– properly executed contract for the provision of tourist services (russian visa support document, russian tourist visa support letter, tourist voucher Russia or russian invitation letter) and confirmation of the admission of foreign tourists by the organization that carries out tour operator activities;
– confirmation of the hotel booking is not a basis for issuing a visa.

Tourist visas can be single or double entry valid for up to 30 days. Based on the principle of reciprocity can be issued for up to six months (for citizens of Austria, Hungary, Greece, russian visa for indian and Spain).

Russia visa requirements for US citizens

In accordance with the Agreement between the Russian Federation and the United States of America on Simplifying Visa Formalities for Citizens of the Russian Federation and Citizens of the United States of America (Moscow, Washington, 01.11.2011 – 19.11.2011), US citizens can apply for multiple entries business, humanitarian, private and tourist visas for a period of up to 3 years. In this case, the following documents are provided as the basis for issuing a visa:
For tourist visa – confirmation of hotel booking or a contract for the provision of tourist services or confirmation of the admission of foreign tourists. The document must include the register number of the Federal Register of Tour Operators of the Federal Agency for Tourism, which is assigned to organizations licensed to carry out tourist activities. The rest of the documents are in accordance with the general list.

Apply for russian tourist visa or how to obtain a russian visa


The list does not include the CIS member states with which the Russian Federation has agreements on mutual visa-free travel). Argentina, Belize, Benin, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Guinea, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Honduras, Denmark, Djibouti, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Italy, (Long-term review), Cape Verde, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Colombia, Congo (Brazzaville), Congo (Kinshasa), Republic of Korea, Costa Rica, Côte d’Ivoire, Cuba, Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Mauritius, Mauritania, Madagascar, Malawi, Mala Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Morocco, Mozambique, Mongolia, Myanmar, Namibia, Netherlands (Long-term review), Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Senegal, Sao Tome and Principe, Swaziland, Seychelles, (Long-term review), Thailand, Thailand, Thailand, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkmenistan (Long-term review), Uruguay, Philippines, France, Singapore, Slovakia, Sudan, Suriname, United States Central African Republic, Czech Republic, Chile, Sweden, Ecuador, Eritrea, Jamaica, Japan.

Citizens of other countries for the purpose of issuing a visa must go through several stages.
– determine the necessary travel time and frequency of travel, if there are several. So the question of the expediency of issuing a multiple visa or a single visa is being decided.
– determine what should be the basis for obtaining a visa to Russia. It will be either a tourist voucher, or a private invitation, a business invitation, etc. This document is submitted with the rest of the package of documents.
– fill in the application for the visa (application form). It is filled on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, after which they are printed out, the applicant signs it personally. Here on the site choose a place for issuing a visa. It can be a consular department or a visa center. Be sure to specify the country and city. The profile data are saved for 2-3 weeks, and at this time you can edit them.
– prepare all the necessary documents (including russian visa invitation and voucher, invitation letter for russian tourist visa) and implement them at the selected consulate or visa center. You can check their working hours on the website.
– get your passport with a visa for a trip to Russia. Do not forget to check on the spot its validity period, the allowed number of entries, the number of days for a trip.

If there are any inaccuracies after crossing the Russian border, nothing can be rectified. There is a rule: if a foreign citizen enters the country with a visa, he agrees with all the conditions specified in the visa.

Russia tourist visa cost

Types of Russian visas: tourist, diplomatic, official, transit, temporarily resident.

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