Residence permit in Ukraine by marriage

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Ukrainian citizenship by marriage?

  • Illegal stay of foreigner on the territory of Ukraine may be grounds for refusal to register a marriage;
  • Procedure: entry to the territory of Ukraine, registration of marriage, departure from the territory of Ukraine, visa D, entry to the territory of Ukraine, registration of residence permit;
  • For the execution of a visa D for 5 working days, the client pays a fee for the services of the embassy, ​​in case of refusal to issue a visa – the paid duty is not refundable.

Marriage with foreigner in Ukraine it is not only a beautiful ceremony, guests and a restaurant. You need to prepare a number of documents. If you intend to connect your life with a foreigner, it is worthwhile to worry about how legally he will be on the territory of Ukraine. A short-term visa may not be enough, because registration can take months – collecting papers, queues, all takes time. Moreover, even after the marriage, you need to get permission to stay in Ukraine. At first glance, everything looks rather confusing and difficult. Especially if you do not have experience in such matters and do not know much about Ukrainian legislation.

We will gladly help you solve these problems. Turning to us, you can forget about all the difficulties and in the shortest possible time to achieve the goals. We will not only tell you how to make a marriage with foreign citizen, but also make documents for his legal stay.

Marriage in Ukraine for foreigners

To conclude a marriage, a foreigner must be in Ukraine (or in embassy of Ukraine). Query can be an average of 30 days. So, having received a normal visa, it is necessary to immediately organize the process of marriage without unnecessary delay.

It should be noted that even after the ceremony, the foreign spouse will not be allowed to stay in Ukraine. But there is no need to open another visa. Marriage is the basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit. Even if a foreigner has the right to be in Ukraine without a visa, the residence permit will still be needed.

The temporary residence permit must be renewed annually. The procedure does not change, as does the list of required documents. Only after 2 years of life in Ukraine a foreigner will be able to apply for a permanent residence permit, and then one can even think about obtaining citizenship.

Note that if a foreigner marries in Ukraine with a stateless person, but with a permanent residence permit, he is also entitled to a residence permit. But to obtain citizenship you will need to live at least 5 years.

Ukraine residence permit by marriage

To marry a foreigner you need to file an application and a certain list of documents in the registry office. All papers must have a translation into Ukrainian. In general, the list is small:

  • statement of intent to marry;
  • a foreign passport with a valid visa;
  • a certificate from foreign authorities that the future spouse is not married.

After filing all of the above in the registry office is assigned the date of registration of the marriage. On this day you will become a legitimate husband and wife.

Waiting for the date of the wedding can take a month, and it should be spent with advantage. For example, start preparing documents for obtaining a residence permit, which must also have a translation into Ukrainian. You will need:

  • passport with copies and visas of type D;
  • application for a temporary residence permit;
  • medical insurance;
  • a receipt for entering a state duty or a certificate that exempts from tax;
  • 4 matte photos 3,5х4,5 cm;
  • a copy of the TIN reference (if any);
  • certificate of marriage (add as soon as you receive).

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