Registration of private entrepreneur in Ukraine

Professional legal assistance to run business in Ukraine

Starting a business in Ukraine requires its registration. If you are planning to start a small business one of the option is registration of a private entrepreneurship (so called in Ukrainian “FOP” (physical person businessman) or in Russian FLP)- it is the most popular option for beginners, the procedure is simplified comparing to registration of companies however in the meantime it allows to choose suitable business model and flexible taxation group. The Constitution of Ukraine implies the freedom of entrepreneurial activity, and more and more active and business people come to the conclusion that the opening of a private enterprise is the most optimal and profitable option for doing business in Ukraine.

Registration of entrepreneurial activity is the first and very important stage of the strating own business. In addition, it is important to understand that the state registration of an entrepreneur is not the only necessary procedure. Perhaps your future activity will require to obtain certain permits and licenses.

Our services includes:

– address registration in Ukraine
– registration of tax ID or so called the tax card number of the taxpayer
– registration of individual entrepreneurship in Kharkov or throughout Ukraine
– submission of all necessary applications to the governmental authorities
– consultations on how to optimize maintenance the taxation and accounting
– printing of personalized entrepreneurship seal (many options)
– opening bank accounts
– registration of digital signature
– consultations and preparing of contracts with potential partners, buy-sell agreements, whatever business activity documents
– consultations and preparing of labour contracts for employees
– registration of work permits if you will decide to hire foreign employees
– registration of changes to entrepreneurship (adding or removing business activities codes, changing taxation groups etc)
– legal defense in courts or any problems with govermental authorities
– de-registration entrepreneurship

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