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Based on the daily experience of company registration in Ukraine and a variety of consultations – we have developed packages of registration services that will suit all typical situations, from experienced legally competent entrepreneurs, whom we offer proof of documents and eliminate the need to stand in line, to beginners on their way to entrepreneurship, which we offer everything necessary to ensure that it is safe starting a business in Ukraine and not to allow typical mistakes.

A limited liability company is one of the types of organizational and legal forms of a legal entity that implies the division of the company’s authorized capital into shares (contributions of participants), the size of which is established in the company’s charter. At present, in Ukraine, a limited liability company is the most common form of a legal entity.

The opening of the LLC in Ukraine is an excellent option for starting a common business by several companies or people for doing business in Ukraine. Also, our legislation allows the registration of an LLC with one participant who can perform several functions at once: the founder, the manager and the accountant.

Open an LLC is quite simple compared to other organizational and legal forms. All the requirements for documents, statutory fund and participants are clearly spelled out in the legislation. Registration of the products can be carried out independently, but it is possible to involve our specialists who are versed in the intricacies of the system. In any case, it is advisable to get a preliminary consultation.

The package of documents on the registration result:

  • address registration in Ukraine
  • registration of tax ID or so called the tax card number of the taxpayer
  • registration of LLC in Kharkov or throughout Ukraine
  • submission of all necessary applications to the governmental authorities
  • consultations on how to optimize maintenance the taxation and accounting
  • printing of personalized LLC seal (many options)
  • opening bank accounts
  • registration of digital signature
  • consultations and preparing of contracts with potential partners, buy-sell agreements, whatever business activity documents
  • consultations and preparing of labour contracts for employees
  • registration of work permits if you will decide to hire foreign employees
  • registration of changes to LLC (adding or removing business activities codes, changing taxation groups etc)
  • legal defense in courts or any problems with govermental authorities
  • de-registration LLC

Let’s consider the basic features of creation and activity of a limited liability company, which make LLC an advantageous organizational and legal form:

participants have the right to form the authorized capital both in cash and in property;
participants are liable for the activities of the company only within the limits of their deposits, the personal property of the participants is not subject to recovery;
the founders of the LLC can be both physical and legal persons, including non-residents of Ukraine;
the formation of the company’s authorized capital must be completed within 6 months after the registration of the LLC.

The opening of the company provides a wide field for large and medium-sized businesses. With this form of organization, you can practice almost any kind of activity. In the absence of a legal address, you can register a company at home. You can also register an LLC on the optimal tax regime for a particular legal entity.

It should be noted that in connection with the latest changes in the current legislation of Ukraine, the charter of the LLC is not subject to mandatory notarization. However, keep in mind that in this case you will not be able to receive a notarized copy of the statute later, which will surely prevent you from subsequently obtaining permits, working with banking institutions, various government agencies.

Independent registration of the LLC is quite a troublesome and difficult task, so we suggest that you seek help from our specialists.

We are engaged in the registration of legal entities of all forms of ownership and individuals – entrepreneurs for a long time, due to which our employees are aware of all the changes in legislation, they know all the nuances and peculiarities of forming a package of documents for registration.

The opening and registration of LLC in Kharkov is one of the main activities of our law company. We know to a trivial detail how to open an LLC and conduct all the accompanying registration actions without mistakes and without unnecessary delays. Regardless of whether the registration of LLC with VAT or on a simplified taxation system will be carried out, the whole complex of measures will be held in a minimum period. The cost of services for the registration of turnkey LLC will please you.

The prices for our services depend on many factors, in particular:

who acts as the founder of the LLC: physical / legal person, resident / non-resident;
availability of a legal address and the need to provide it;
what form of taxation is chosen by the new organization.

We are ready to offer services if you are really interested in a quality result. Open the company and conduct all associated registration procedures – our direct professional responsibility.

Also, our specialists can help you get the status of a VAT payer or single tax payer. Of course, we can conduct an urgent registration of your LLC, in case of need. Contact us and we will help you build a strong foundation for starting your business!

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