Essential and Background Information

Starting a business in Ukraine requires not only its registration but also legal address which can be an office or an apartment in some certain cases. It is necessary for taxation authorities, correspondence and, we don’t wish it, but in case of litigation. In case if you don’t need office or not living at the same apartment or house then you can rent legal address.

What if you renting apartment?

Then you can use address of the same apartment if the landlord don’t mind about it.

Some hotels also offering such services as well as post offices in Ukraine such as UkrPoshta or Nova Poshta. You can search for them if needed, please note that it is better to have legal address not far from the place of your activity, e.g., in the same city.

Recent update of Ukrainian legislation on registering private enterpreunership:

From the end of 2017 Ukrainian justice and taxation authorities recognized that for doing small business in Ukraine visa registering private enterpreunership even if the foreign businessman doesn’st have residence permit (temporary or permanent, means didn’t immigrated to Ukraine) it is possible to take legal address in rental apartment or office by providing rent (lease) agreement .

What we can offer?

In the same time we offer addresses only in commercial properties (offices) in Kharkiv in different cities. We also can provide same service in other cities all around Ukraine. All addresses are not in the black lists and we check legal background of each address before start.

Our service includes:

– workplace under the lease agreement;

– a box for mail with access;

– comprehensive legal support for inspections of public authorities;

– consulting on legal aspects in case of any problem or issue.

Registration of legal service must be done alongside with registration of business.

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