Limited liability company

Professional legal assistance on LLC registration

Registration of limted liability company in Ukraine is an excellent option to start a business by several companies or people, it allows to choose many business activities, set prefereble taxation scheme dependes on the business plans, limit the responsibility to company’s assets and employ foreign citizens and stateless persons.

Private entrepreneur

Professional legal assistance on PE registration

To a small business in Ukraine one of the best option is a registration of a private entrepreneurship. Ukraine legislation implies the freedom of entrepreneurial activity, more and more active and business people come to the conclusion that the douing business in Ukraine in form of private entrepreneur is the most optimal and profitable option for doing business in Ukraine.

Foreign company representative

All non-resident foreing organization should to be registered and accredited to conduct its work in Ukraine: foreign companies and organizations, their registered branches, representative offices and other separated units. Our company offers professional legal assistance in this regard.

Tax identification number

Professional legal assistance on taxpayer ID registration

The taxpayer code in Ukraine is a must-have document for foreign citizens and stateless persons for doing business and to do obligatory payments. This rule does not apply to people whom beliefs forbid to have numbers identity documents.

Legal address for business

Professional legal assistance on business address registration

Doing business in Ukraine requires alongside from other conditions the registration of legal address for identification of business location and official correspondence. Depending on type of business the requirements for such Ukraine legal address can vary.