Appeal unlawful quarantine violation protocols

Professional legal protection and appealing COVID-19 quarantine measures violation protocols

The imposition of restrictions on the spread of the COVID-19 virus is certainly an objective decision of the Government of Ukraine to protect the health of the population of Ukraine. Meanwhile, if you believe that you have been unlawfully charged administratively and / or the administrative case was filed with violated of due process, you have a right to appeal against such decisions of law enforcement agencies, moreover when it comes to the obligation to pay a hefty fine ranging from 17 to 34 thousand UAH (approximately from 600 to 1200 USD).

On April 2, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a resolution that tightened previous rules and prohibitions on quarantine.

Quarantine is valid throughout Ukraine till 31.12.2021.

Law of Ukraine No. 530-1X of March 17, 2020 “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine aimed at Preventing the Emergence and Spread of Coronary Virus Disease (COVID-19)” amended the Code of Administrative Offences, which is supplemented by Article 44-3, of this content: «Article 44-3. Violation of the quarantine rules of the people. Violation of the rules on quarantine of people, sanitary-hygienic, sanitary-anti-epidemic rules and norms stipulated by the Law of Ukraine “On protection of the population against infectious diseases”, other acts of legislation, as well as decisions of local self-government bodies on combating infectious diseases – imposing a fine on citizens from one to two thousand tax-free minimum incomes of citizens and on officials – from two to ten thousand non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens”.

On November 6, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law “On Amendments to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)” (Bill № 3891).

The document sets fines for staying in public institutions and transport without protective masks or respirators from 10 to 15 tax-free minimums – from 170 to 225 UAH.

The law entered into force on November 7, 2020.

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