All immigration permits are valid for 1 more extra year

26.07.2021 | Legal

On July 21, 2021, the Government of Ukraine approved a resolution amending the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 18, 2020 № 259 “Some issues of implementation of legislation in the field of migration for the period of quarantine throughout Ukraine.”

The changes, in particular, provide for the exclusion from the current version of the resolution of the rules governing the conditions of release of persons from administrative liability during quarantine. This is due to the fact that, in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Administrative Offenses of Ukraine, the grounds and conditions of bringing persons to administrative responsibility or release from it must be regulated exclusively at the legislative level and today the issue of grounds for release of persons from administrative responsibility Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Aimed at Preventing the Occurrence and Spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)”.

Thus, the introduction of these changes will further avoid conflicts of law and increase the level of prevention and combating illegal migration in Ukraine, other violations of migration legislation for the period of quarantine throughout Ukraine.

All immigration permits which were issued before the start of all-Ukrainian quarantine or during the quarantine have been extended for 1 more year for use.

The resolution is also supplemented by a new paragraph, which provides for an extension of up to two years from the date of validity of decisions on granting immigration permits to Ukraine, adopted within one year before the establishment of quarantine or during the quarantine period. This will provide an opportunity to resolve the issue of registration of permanent residence permits in Ukraine for foreigners or stateless persons who, due to the introduction of quarantine measures, were unable to apply to the State Migration Service during the permit.

For example, if the immigration permit was issued on 21.07.2020, then it is valid till 21.07.2022 instead of to 21.07.2021.

The resolution will come into force in 10 days from the date of its official publication – 01.08.2021.

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