Details on the entry of foreigners into Ukraine

13.06.2020 | Legal
The temporary ban on entry to Ukraine foreigners has been canceled yesterday. The Government amended several decisions, which changed the requirements for entry to Ukraine foreign citizens and stateless persons.
According to resolution no. 477, the validity of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the temporary prohibition of Congress to Ukraine foreigners together with the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from June 12, 2020 No. 480 foreigners who want to enter Ukraine will need the have appropriate insurance certificates that will include the separate provisions on covering medical treatment in case of COVID-19 disease. And for persons who arrive from countries with a significant spread of the disease on a coronavírus infection will need to stay a 14 days observation.

Foreigners can travel to Ukraine only by having a medical insurance to cover treatment in case of COVID-19 illness.

In particular, according to the specified resolution, during the period of quarantine, the intersection of the state border by foreigners and citizenship persons (except foreigners, citizenship persons who are constantly residing in the territory of Ukraine, and persons who are recognized as refugees or persons who need additional protection) without the medical insurance related to COVID-19 treatment, observation.
The Government also identified that the grounds for observation is the intersection of the state border person who arrived from the state or is a citizen (subjected) of the state with a significant spread of COVID-19. Ensure transport of persons from skip points across the state border to the observations of the Government obliged regional and Kyiv city state administrations.

Foreigners from state with significant spread of COVID-19 will need to undergo 14 days observation (except if they arrived from third country with stable epidemiological situation).

Observation is not subject to citizens of states with significant spread of COVID-19, which have not been in the territory of these states for the past 14 days, diplomatic representatives and consular institutions of foreign state, representative of official international missions, organizations accredited in Ukraine, and members of their families, drivers and crew members of freight vehicles, crew members of air and marine, river vessels, train members and locomotive brigades, external independent evaluation participants along with one person accompanying each of them, if there is no reason to consider they were in contact with COVID-19 person sick. Also observations are not subject to persons who have given consent to self-insulation using electronic service ′′Stay at Home “.
States with significant spread of COVID-19 are considered states in which the number of active cases of COVID-19 is more than 40 people per 100 thousand of population. The list of such states of the State Border Service of Ukraine will provide the Ministry of Health of Ukraine every 3 days.
Consequently, foreign citizens and stateless persons will be able to cross the state border on entry to Ukraine since the Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from June 12 No. 477 and no. 480 provided for legal reasons for the entrance defined by the Law Ukraine ′′ About Border Control ′′ and compliance with sanitary and epidemiological regulations.

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