The EU plans to extend the closure of borders until June 15

09.05.2020 | News

The European Commission has proposed to extend the ban on non-essential trips to the EU for third-country nationals until June 15.

This was reported in the press service of the European Commission.

“Restrictions on free movement and control at internal borders will need to be gradually lifted before we can remove restrictions on external borders and guarantee access to the EU for non-EU members for non-essential travel. This requires continued measures at the external borders to reduce the risk of spreading the disease through travel to the EU”, said Ilva Johansson, spokeswoman for the EU Commission on Internal Affairs.

According to her, despite the fact that some European states have already begun to weaken quarantine, the incidence of the disease is still not under the control of the authorities.

Recall, the Finnish authorities decided to open the border on May 14. At the same time, outbound tourism abroad is not yet recommended, authorities noted. In addition, from June 1, sporting events will be allowed, the cabinet said. At the same time, the gradual opening of public catering enterprises, cultural and sports institutions, rehabilitation and other premises will begin. In addition, events of up to 50 people will be allowed.

As reported by Strana, the authorities of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia agreed on May 15 to remove restrictions on the movement of their citizens between these states, which were introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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