Poland and Lithuania opened borders for migrant workers and students

11.05.2020 | News

From Monday, May 11, Lithuania and Poland, which are experiencing an acute shortage of labor, have opened the borders for migrant workers, entrepreneurs and students.

It is reported by the Latvian news portal Delfi.

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For those wishing to enter Poland, you must have with you a document confirming the purpose of the trip: an employment contract, a business certificate, a company document, a certificate from the university with confirmation that the person crossing the border studies in it, and the like. Moreover, the Polish border guards have the right to decide whether to let a person into the country.

By agreement between Poland and Lithuania, these categories of citizens are not required to observe 14-day isolation.

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In addition, the number of open checkpoints increased on the Polish-Lithuanian border. In Lithuania, its citizens can drive from Poland through the Lazdiyai-Aradniki checkpoint. Until May 11, this could be done only through Calvary.

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