Narrowing down the quarantine measures from May 11

11.05.2020 | News

From Monday, May 11, in Ukraine, weakening the quarantine restrictions, as reported by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Parks, summer cafes and hairdressers will again be available. But they will have to adhere to the requirements that have been developed in the Ministry of Health. This mainly concerns distance and disinfection.

However, many institutions will remain closed. These are schools, kindergartens, shopping centers, fitness centers. Also, public transport will not work.

The corresponding decree No. 18 was amended on May 9.

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The document provides for the resumption of the work of metropolitan catering according to the new rules, which are designed to protect guests of the institutions from infection with coronavirus infection. So, the resolution provides for such measures:

– The distance between the seats for adjacent tables should be at least 1.5 m.
– No more than two visitors can sit at one table (excluding children under 14 years of age).
– The order must be carried out and issued remotely: through a specially equipped window or the front door of the institution. The waiter can accept or issue an order only subject to a distance of at least 1.5 meters between him and the visitor.
– The place of issue of orders and settlement should be equipped with a table or shelf for transferring the order without personal contact with the client – to prevent visitors from entering the institution. The possibility of non-cash (contactless) payment should also be provided.
– The menu should be placed for review next to the place of acceptance / issuance of orders without the possibility of its issuance to customers.

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In addition, institutions need to adhere to the general anti-epidemic requirements and disinfection measures:

– Daily thermometry of employees. If the employee’s body temperature exceeds 37.2 Celsius, or he has obvious signs of SARS, he cannot be allowed to work.
– Providing personnel with personal protective equipment for 5 days.
– Organization of a centralized collection of used masks and gloves and their disposal.
– At the same time, sanitary controls should be established at the entrances to the territory of the summer playgrounds of the establishments. Customers must be masked and wait their turn outside the premises. Institutions should provide a marking distance of 1.5 m for visitors waiting in line.

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At the entrance, dispensers with an antiseptic should be installed. Disinfection measures should be carried out every two hours of working time. Disinfection of contact surfaces and utensils should be carried out by employees after each visitor.

In addition, institutions should inform customers of the restrictions established through alerts on websites, pages on social networks and other means.

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By the way, the Ministry of Health acknowledged that part of the restrictions was introduced not for the sake of epidemiological safety, but for the psychological impact on Ukrainians – in order to create a feeling of anxiety that would force quarantine. For example, from the point of view of preventing the spread of coronavirus, it did not make sense to close the parks and squares, which will become available from today.

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