40 Ukrainian embassies and consulates resumed work

15.05.2020 | News

Taking into account the epidemiological situation, 40 embassies and consulates of Ukraine have fully or partially resumed consular reception of citizens.

Reception of visitors is subject to mandatory compliance with sanitary and anti-epidemic rules of the host country, the recommendations of the WHO and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

In order to create the safest possible conditions for visitors and consuls, the embassies of Ukraine in the UK, Israel, Latvia, the Netherlands, Germany began work with the use of pre-registration via the Internet by electronic queue of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (e-Queue).

In those countries where quarantine measures have not yet been relaxed, urgent consular issues related to the coronavirus pandemic and emergencies with Ukrainian citizens are being addressed.

Such situations include, but are not limited to, death, arrest, loss of documents required for urgent return to Ukraine, and so on.

Check the updated information on the pages of embassies and consulates of Ukraine in your countries of residence.

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