The government plans to extend the quarantine until May

20.04.2020 | News

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is expecting a peak incidence of COVID-19 coronavirus infection in early May. After its passage, anti-crisis measures will be introduced to support the economy. Prime Minister Denis Shmigal told the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at a traditional meeting on overcoming the coronavirus epidemic.

During the meeting, they discussed in detail payments to doctors and medical staff currently involved in the fight against the spread of the disease. The additional payments will be made at the end of April, when doctors will receive basic salaries.

The government also explained the reasons for the delay in receiving data on the number of coronaviruses from seven regions. In one of the regions, a technical error occurred, equipment was rebooted somewhere, but on the whole Easter, many Ukrainians with suspicious symptoms decided not to go to the doctors. The government has said that all data will be included in the general statistics.

Additionally, the President thanked the National Guard for its assistance with the unloading of airplanes that brought in remedies.

“I thank the Head of the National Guard and ask to extend our sincere thanks to all the staff,” said Vladimir Zelensky.

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