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13.04.2020 | Legal

Due to the entry into force of the decree of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, notaries were authorized to affix the apostille.

Apostille significantly simplifies the process of legalizing documents in Ukraine

According to the Deputy Minister of Justice Ms. Olga Onishchuk, on March 7, 2020, the Decree of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine No. 702/5 of February 27, 2020 “On Amendments to the Apostille Order on Official Documents Issued by the Bodies of Justice and Courts, as well as Documents notarized by the notaries of Ukraine.

“Given that a large number of documents submitted for apostille affirmation are notarized documents, the involvement of notaries in participating in the apostille affair will greatly simplify the said service and make it more convenient for citizens. Therefore, these changes were introduced in order to create conditions for efficient servicing of citizens on the principle of “one cycle and in one place” and to save their time”, Ms. Onishchuk said.

She specified that these changes give notaries the power to accept and issue apostille documents on official documents drawn up by notaries of Ukraine, as well as on documents issued by the justice authorities and courts.

Apostille is a special stamp on official documents drawn up in the territory of Ukraine, which respectively certify the authenticity of the signature, the quality in which the person who signed the document acted, and, where appropriate, the authenticity of the stamp affixed to the document.

The apostille may be affixed on official documents drawn up in the territory of Ukraine, which must be presented in the territory of another state, namely:

– on documents issued by the judicial authorities of Ukraine;
– on documents issued by the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine, the justice authorities;
– on administrative documents;
– on education documents and academic titles;
– on documents drawn up by public and private notaries;
– on official certificates executed on documents signed by persons in their private capacity, such as official certificates of registration of a document or fact which existed on a certain date, and official and notarial certificates of signatures.

However, these rules do not apply:

– on documents issued by foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine;
– administrative documents directly related to commercial or customs transactions.

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