Medical help to foreigners in COVID-19 cases in Ukraine

20.03.2020 | News

According to the legislation of Ukraine, namely paragraph 2 of CMU Resolution of March 19, 2014 No. 121, foreigners and stateless persons temporarily residing or staying in the territory of Ukraine, medical assistance is provided on a paid basis, unless otherwise provided by international treaties or laws Of Ukraine. Accordingly, foreign nationals residing in the territory of Ukraine are obliged to have a health insurance policy to receive medical care and / or to enter into an agreement with healthcare institutions to obtain medical care.

1. In the event of symptoms associated with infectious disease COVID-19, foreign nationals may apply to insurance companies and their designated health care institutions, which are contracted. WHO workers operating in the territory of Ukraine and licensed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine are aware and informed of the COVID-19 response, diagnosis and treatment algorithms, in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s orders No. 185, 292 and 552. Accordingly, in case of suspected infectious disease COVID-19, the patient is referred to one of the designated infectious hospitals according to the patient’s location. Two such hospitals are designated by local executive authorities in each oblast. Transportation of the patient may be carried out by an emergency medical team that is appropriately prepared for the transportation of such patients.

2. In case of a foreign citizen’s request for emergency medical assistance in connection with COVID-19 infectious disease, the patient is also transported by the appropriate emergency medical team to one of the designated reference infectious hospitals. The provision of medical services and medicines related to the provision of emergency medical care is paid at the expense of the state budget under the program of state guarantees of public health services (the program of medical guarantees). At the same time, foreigners or stateless persons temporarily residing or staying in the territory of Ukraine are obliged to compensate the state for their full value in accordance with the law.

3. During appropriate COVID-19 testing, the patient must be in hospital and be referred for isolation and observation. Confirmation of the diagnosis of infectious disease COVID-19 takes place in the reference laboratory of the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for approximately 24 hours from the moment of receipt of samples of materials.

4. In the case of a positive test result for COVID-19, the patient may remain in the hospital for medical assistance and appropriate treatment on the basis of a medical care agreement.

5. In addition, public health officials are conducting an epidemiological investigation of the COVID-19 case and are required to collect a medical history from the patient to determine the range of contact persons. The contact persons are interviewed by the staff of the embassy / consulate of the foreign country of nationality of the patient and the contact persons.

6. In case of refusal of hospitalization and treatment, the patient is obliged to be quarantined (self-isolation), to regularly report the state of his health directly to the contact person in the medical facility, where the patient sought medical help, or through the mediation of embassy / consulate staff. of the foreign country of which the patient is a national until full recovery.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine appeals to the diplomatic missions and consular offices of foreign states, foreigners and stateless persons who temporarily reside or stay in the territory of Ukraine with a request to promote measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the territory of Ukraine, identify patients and contact persons, contact persons and contact persons on the risks of COVID-19 proliferation.

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