Government sets 5,000 immigration quotas for IT professionals

04.03.2020 | Legal

“Green card for IT specialist” appeared in Ukraine. What it is

The Cabinet of Ministers supported the establishment of a quota for the immigration of 5,000 specialists from abroad for employment in Ukrainian IT companies. This was announced on the Facebook page by Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Alexander Bornyakov.

“Annually, Ukrainian universities graduate 15-17,000 IT specialists in various fields. Annually, about 40,000 job openings for IT students are opened in the country. Even if 100% of graduates are employed every year, our technology companies lack specialists,” the deputy minister wrote.

With the help of a green card for IT specialists, foreign specialists will be able to obtain a certificate of permanent residence. Also, they will not need to receive an annual permit for the employment of foreigners, notes Bornyakov.

What else can I get on the new “green card”:

– The employment of foreign specialists will occur on the same conditions as for residents of Ukraine;

– Foreigners will not be tied to specific terms of stay in Ukraine;

– An IT specialist will not be tied to a specific place of work or position;

– Will be able to immigrate to Ukraine with his family;

– Foreign experts will be able to open FOPs.

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