Ukraine and Turkey sign an agreement on the exchange of driving licenses

13.02.2020 | Legal

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov and Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Turkey Mukhterm Inje signed an agreement on mutual exchange between countries of driving licenses.

The Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Rights stipulates that citizens of Ukraine who legally reside in Turkey and Turks who legally residet in Ukraine will be able to exchange their national driving licenses for similar documents of the country of residence.

It is expected that the new rules will come into effect in six months.

Arsen Avakov stressed that the Agreement on the mutual exchange of driving licenses is another proof of productive collaboration. The new agreement allows Ukrainians living in Turkey and Turks living in Ukraine to exchange their national driver’s licenses in a simplified manner – without having to take the exams again. It will also avoid additional financial costs.

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