Pay an administrative fee online – no need for a paper receipt

13.02.2020 | Legal

It will be enough to pay for the service through internet banking and provide the employee with a receipt number.

Anyone will be able to pay for government services through Internet banking without having to present a paper receipt.

The Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers Dmitry Dubilet wrote about it on his Facebook page.

“Ukrainians will no longer have to spend time to bring bank receipts to government authorities. You can simply pay for services through an online bank or mobile banking application and give the receipt number to a government employee”.

He said that the service check.gov.ua has already been connected to all major state authorities: service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Migration Service, RAGS, CNAP, as well as services in regional state administrations (licenses, extracts, etc.).

The minister wrote that employees of the abovementioned state institutions had already received official instructions, and if any of them would require a paper receipt, he recommends to contact the 1545 hotline.

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