Treaties between Ukraine and Marocco

26.10.2019 | Legal

Ukraine and Marroco agreed on legal assistance in civil and criminal matters and extradition

Ukraine and Morocco agreed on the conditions for extradition and cooperation in investigations. The documents in Marrakech were signed by Deputy Minister of Justice Valeriya Kolomiets and the head of the Ministry of Justice of Morocco, Mohammed Ben Abdelkader, the press service of the Ukrainian department reports.

Agreements were signed between Ukraine and the Kingdom of Morocco on legal assistance in criminal matters and extradition, on the transfer of convicted persons and on legal assistance in civil and commercial cases.

The agreements provide for the provision by countries of each other of wide mutual legal assistance for the investigation and judicial examination of criminal cases. Also, Ukraine and Morocco undertake to extradite to each other any person who is prosecuted by the competent authorities of the requesting party for committing an offense or wanted by the said authorities for the purpose of executing a sentence.

The agreement between legal assistance in civil and commercial matters creates the legal basis for international cooperation of the competent authorities of the parties in the field of civil proceedings. The purpose of the contract is to secure guarantees for citizens of any country regarding applying to the judicial authorities of another state in order to protect the rights and interests, as well as to determine the mechanism for the mutual execution of orders for the delivery of documents and the provision of evidence, as well as mutual recognition and enforcement of court decisions.

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