Work visa no need to re- enter Ukraine?

10.03.2019 | Legal

Work visa and residence permit applications processes were simplified.

For foreigners seeking to work in Ukraine, the dreaded visa run could soon be a thing of the past. Recently the Ukrainian government held a committee and decided to simplify the process of receiving visa D type for citizens that come from visa-free countries.

In the future visa D type could be obtained on the territory of Ukraine without leaving to a consulate office or embassy, which means that it will be easier and quicker to get a residence permit as well.

Today, foreign workers seeking residence permits have to apply for a visa at a Ukrainian embassy or consulate in a foreign country. Under the new decision, foreigners will be able to apply on the territory of Ukraine, at the Department of Consular Services, a division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The cabinet expects this decision to increase Ukraine’s attractiveness to highly skilled foreigners, including people to sit on the independent supervisory boards of state-owned companies. The move was part of a package of decisions aimed at improving the business climate of Ukraine.

“By May 1, we need to adopt the maximum number of decisions to simplify business in Ukraine,” Deputy Prime Minister Stepan Kubiv said in a statement posted on the government’s website. “We’ve set ourselves the goal of rising by at least 10 points in the Doing Business rankings,” which are produced annually by the World Bank.

The official legal cat hasn’t been published yet, however as far as we understand it applies only to those who came to Ukraine to work and who has a work permit. It is unclear when the ruling will actually come into effect.

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