Apartments rent rates in February 2019 | Kharkov, Ukraine

10.02.2019 | Real estate

Statistical information about the average prices for long-term rental housing by month is based on data from the rental housing database without intermediaries in Kharkiv. This information is currently relevant and is updated as new objects are added to the database. The average price is calculated using the median formula.

Most prices are in the range from 2600 to 8500 UAH

The average cost of renting real estate, the city of Kharkiv in February 2019

1 bedroom apartment 5500 UAH / month. Price range 4200-8000 UAH
2 bedroom apartment 7000 UAH / month. Price range 5500-12300 UAH
3 bedroom apartment 10000 UAH / month. The range of prices 7000-13600 UAH
4 room apartment 12500 UAH / month. The range of prices 10900-17800 UAH
guest room 5000 UAH / month. Price range 3000-6000 UAH
house 3500 UAH / month. Price range 2500-12000 UAH
room 2500 UAH / month. Price range 1800-3000 UAH
floor house 3000 UAH / month. Price range 2000-5000 UAH

Rent apartments for monthly rent in Kharkov without agency fee from direct owners.

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