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29.08.2018 | Real estate

cost of apartments for rent in Kharkov 2018Apartments for monthly rent in Kharkiv on 2018 for $ 200 are in the past. Over the past few months, their cost in Kharkov has increased by 25-50%. And this is not the limit. High prices dictate the unremitting demand for rented accommodation.

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A flat for $ 200? The girl, it’s just that somewhere beyond the district and if very lucky, – grinned in one of the city agencies, where I asked to find me an inexpensive apartment in a residential area, preferably near the bus stop.

– What are you, the last apartment for $ 200 I rented somewhere about three months ago on the New Houses. Now if you rent a house in a good sleeping area such as Alekseyevka or Saltovka (not by the metro, of course) for $ 250, consider, you’re lucky, – said realtor.

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Over the past three months, rental prices for apartments in Kharkiv have increased by 25-50%. And most of all the rise in price has affected the most running ones – one-room. Now a 30-meter “roof over your head” will have to give an average of $ 250-300 per month, for a two-room – $ 300-400. Almost the same money cost three rooms flats.

The fact is that the apartments are rented mainly by young families without children, and they do not requare much space. People who have a full family, with children – those, usually, take loans in banks and buy apartments, and do not rent flats in Kharkov.

It will be cheaper at suburbs, Rogan, Novyi doma areas. The most expensive accommodation will be at Alekseevka, Saltovka (metro areas), and Pavlovo Pole (metro stations 23 Serpnia and Botanichnyi sad).

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There is an active migration of young people from nearby villages to Kharkov, the factor that Kharkov is a student city also plays a role: parents do not want their children to live in hostels and help them to rent apartments. Plus – Kharkiv is a dynamically developing city with a million population, many visitors, and there are few hotels and they are expensive.

If people who borrowed an apartment on credit pay about $ 600 a month for it, they estimate that it is necessary to take it for about half the price – $ 300.

In fact, rental rates are growing from year to year, as, indeed, prices for all other services. However, the pace of such growth is very different. The last noticeable price hikes in the rental of apartments in Kharkov, realtors recorded after the increase in utility rates in the autumn of 2006 and in the summer of 2007.

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There is a chance that we will end the year with a confident $ 300 for renting a one-room apartment.

At the same time, there is an opinion that the price growth may stop by summer.

Perhaps, even a little cheaper apartments. So, those who do not “burn”, we can advise you to wait. By the summer students will leave, and the sentence will increase sharply. If public utilities do not rise, then the price will drop somewhere by 10%. But every increase in utility tariffs, for example, by 10%, leads to a 20% jump in prices for rented apartments.

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Global decline in prices for rented apartments, according to realtors, is possible only if the rates on mortgage loans go down, and Kharkov will be built up with affordable housing.

The cost of renting a one-room apartment in different regions of Ukraine:

Kiev – from $ 400
Dnepr – from $ 450
Donetsk – from $ 350
Odessa – from $ 300
Lviv – from $ 200

Is there a chance for bargaining?

On two-three-room apartments demand is not so big, and you can bring down the price by 10-20%. If you negotiate a prepayment for six months or longer, the landlord also usually makes concessions and drops a certain amount.

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It is necessary to take into account the moment that it is beneficial for the landlord to keep the apartment idle: it is better for him to get a little less, but to rent an apartment than not to receive anything at all.

Even when you are already renting an apartment, you can try to lower the rent, if the terms of the contract are not met. Or in the rented apartment they found shortcomings, which the landlord did not mention. But, again, all the “ifs” should be spelled out initially in the contract, then it will be easier to achieve the truth. The contract does not need to be certified by a notary, it is enough to sign it to both parties.

Everyone understands that rent is formalized only in exceptional situations, for example, when very expensive apartments are rented out. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the owners of apartments avoid paying taxes. In fact, the whole rental market in Kharkov is illegal. Nevertheless, the question “Newspapers …” on how to protect themselves from possible trouble when renting an apartment, all agencies advised “to pay taxes and sleep peacefully.”

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If to speak on the merits, it is worth recalling that when concluding a contract, the owner must necessarily check the passport of the potential tenant. It is not out of place to ask not only his personal, but also working contacts and not be ashamed to immediately call and check whether there really is such an employee at this firm. Unfortunately, this practically exhausts the possibilities to “probe” the tenant.

A tenant can always be advised to ask the future owner to read the documents for possession of the apartment. In this case, you need to have only the owner of the living space. Otherwise, it may turn out that the persons acting on his behalf, even if it was a husband, wife or children, did not even inform him of their intentions, and he will come scandalously to drive out the tenants. This same precautionary measure will help to avoid sublease. It is useful to take an interest in the characteristics of the hosts from neighbors, of course, if it is not about new homes. Be sure to check your phone bills – so you do not have to pay for your predecessors, chatting with New York.

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How much does it cost to rent a house in Kharkiv (per month, $)

1 bedroom apartment
Center 370-500
Pavlovo pole 350-400
Heroiv Pratsi 300-390
Odesska 280-350
Alekseevka 250-350
Kholodna hora 250-350
Novyi doma 250-350
KhTZ 250-350
Saltovka 250-300
Rogan 250-330

2-bedroom apartment
Center 550-750
Pavlovo pole 600-800
Heroiv Pratsi 400-500
Odesska 350-500
Alekseevka 400
Kholodna hora 320-550
Novyi doma 300-450
KhTZ 300-350
Saltovka 340-400
Rogan 300-400

Rent apartments for monthly rent in Kharkov without agency fee from direct owners.

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