Appealing deportation from Ukraine

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Foreigners in Ukraine may be forcibly returned (deported) to their country of origin or third country because of the following reasons:

– their actions violate the law on the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons;
– contravene the interests of national security of Ukraine or public order;
– if necessary for the protection of health;
– protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the citizens of Ukraine.

Forced return (deportation) of foreigners from Ukraine

Deportation decision may be filed by State Migration Service of Ukraine and its territorial departments, the Security Service of Ukraine or the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

The compulsory return (deportation) decision shall specify the period within which the foreigner or stateless person must leave Ukraine. This period shall not exceed 30 days from the date of the decision. For this matter state authorities official stamps the deported person’s passport with a stamp of deportation with date for leaving Ukraine.

Oftentimes both types of deportation connected with entry ban from 3 years.

The most widespread circumstance that lead to the deportation is an overstaying of allowed term in Ukraine (expired visa or residence permit).

Initially deportation consist of two stages:
– voluntary leaving the country within not more than 30 days (so called corridor to depart);
– forcible leaving the country which is connected with administrative arrest and settling in the camp for illegals.

Both cases are connected with filing a fine – a certain amount of money that should be paid to the government (from 1700 to 5100 Hryvnas).

How to appeal deportation decision from Ukraine?

If you believe that the deportation decision is not legitimate and/or unmotivated then you should appeal it to the court. Do not be despair, you are not helpless, our lawyer will be on your side. Due to efforts of our lawyer in Kharkiv the deportation decision will be stopped (no need to leave the territory of Ukraine) untill the final consideration on the matter in the court. It does not matter the place of your stay in Ukraine, in which region you stay and the state authority location that filed the deportation decision – our lawyer will handle the case and protect your interests. Our lawyer has big experience on most complicated deportation cases.

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