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07.08.2019 | Legal

Dear friends,

Oftentimes our clients asking our lawyer typical initial questions about Ukraine visa refusal decision which they facing in Ukrainian embassies and consulates all over the world as following:

– Do I need to pay consular fees again to submit the appeal?
– No, the right for appeal is free of charge. 

– How can I submit the appeal? What if there is no embassy in my area?
– It is recommended to submit the appeal in person directly to the embassy or consulate of Ukraine. If you applied trough the visa center then sometimes they accept appeal letters also, it is recommended to clarify first. If the nearest visa center, embassy or consulate is far away or even in neighbor country then there are only two options: to travel there and submit in person, to submit the appeal via post courier service or online. 

– Is there any guarantee that the appeal will work out?
– Surely the correctly prepared appeal and done additional legal actions will increase your chances and might make your visa issued in shortest terms however unfortunately there cannot be 100% guarantee because the right of the consideration on the matter belong to the embassy officials. In other words if the visa refusal appeal will be refused then the applicant will have only two options: to re-apply for new visa or to appeal to the Ukrainian court and force the embassy to issue a visa (in such case the fact of the previous appeal will be a big advantage that proves applicant’s intentions). Additionally, case by case it is possible to assume estimated chances to get a visa trough the appeal process.

– My friends say that the appeal is a waste of time and funds.
– That is incorrect. If you would not appeal then the situation will remain the same. It is better to do everything possible. If you will just re-apply on another visa one more time again or even more times then you demonstrate that you agreed with previous refusal decision and its reasons. Instead if you will appeal the visa refusal decision then you demonstrate a strong disagreement with unfair and/or mistaken decision. Moreover, you can check our real testimonials and regular updates about cases that won our lawyer on every type of visa (short and long term, work, study, family reunion, private and business visit, even tourism etc) and in many countries all over the world.

Our lawyer will gladly answer any other questions. You can contact him on Facebook or on this page.

Would like to see real feedbacks about appealing visa rejection to Ukraine?

Here are snaps of long term family reunion visa type D-14 that was obtained by a Yemeni citizen who is a spouse of Ukrainian citizen, after a visa refusal appeal process in the embassy of Ukraine in Egypt, and a review of our service on Facebook.

Here is another successful story from our client from Bangladesh who faced challenges to get a long term family reunion visa type D-14 in the embassy of Ukraine in India. After the visa refusal appeal process he have got a visa and now is on the way to Ukraine.

Another unusual visa refusal cases:

Our client got a refusal for work visa type D-04 based on popular point number 8 – not confirmed purpose of stay in Ukraine. Applied through visa center because there is no embassy of Ukraine in the country. We went trough the appeal process and obtained a visa shortly.

Here is a lovely story happened another time – even better and dramatic than in movies, and with happy end. Our client got a visa C-02 refusal, he was running out of time because his wife was in hospital in Ukraine waiting for their child, and father so much wanted to be near the mother with child. With our lawyer’s assistance the appeal procedure worked, everything were sorted out on time, and the family reunited exactly on the birthday of their new beautiful member.

Another satisfied client obtained study visa (D-13) to Ukraine after being refused based on the most widespread reason – point number 8 (no evidence of intended stay).

Another successful visa to Ukraine appeal procedure allowed our client to meet his fiancé on C-02 private visit visa from Egypt. We glad to make people to be happy.

Another successful case on visa refusal appeal procedure that was handled with the professional legal approach of our lawyer. Congrats to our client from Pakistan who finally obtained his C-02 visa to meet friends.

We are glad to demonstrate another study visa (D-13) refusal appeal case from Ghana that we won. Now our client is on the way to study in Ukraine. Best wishes!

Another study visa (D-13) refusal appeal procedure from Tanzania and now the student is on the way to Ukraine to get admission to the university. We express our best wishes!

In case of refusal to issue visa, do not despair – you have right to appeal such decision by submitting a request to the head of the embassy.

The term of consideration of this letter is set to up to 1 month. If you believe that the decision to refuse to issue visa is not legitimate, our lawyer will to prepare an appeal letter requesting to reconsider visa application and grant you a visa to Ukraine. With our experience and deep analysis your chances to get a visa to Ukraine will highly increase.

Read more details and contact our lawyer for free legal check of your visa refusal case here.

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  • Rahul

    Hello what document we need if they have rehected pur visa by reason failure to prove the perpose of forginer/ stateless person’s intended stay in ukraine

    on 23.01.2020 Reply
    • Legal

      you have a right to appeal the visa refusal decision within 2 months. In this regard it is recommended to hire a lawyer. You can contact our lawyer.

      on 23.01.2020 Reply
  • Behzad Alam

    If Visa is denied,and when passport and refusal letter is given to the person,does he need to apply for an appointment date online by same long process(with the embassy) for submission of visa Appeal documents?
    Can it be done the very next day to submit the documents again?
    And how to contact you?
    What is the process?
    Please let me know. Thank you very much.

    on 13.08.2019 Reply

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