Rent pricing for 1-room apartments in different cities of Ukraine in June 2017

01.07.2017 | Real estate

This analysis fixed the average cost of renting a one-room apartment in an old building. The amount of rent can vary, because it depends on the area, layout and quality of repairs in the apartment.

The highest prices for renting one-bedroom apartments in the houses of the old housing stock were found in Kiev – 7000 UAH. Among the other central regions of Ukraine, the highest indicators are traced in the Dnieper. So, you can rent a small apartment here for 3000 UAH. The lowest cost of renting an apartment was fixed in Kropiwnicki – 1700 UAH.

In the Western part of Ukraine the most inexpensive one-room objects are put up for rent in the houses of the old housing estate of Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk – 1500 UAH. The most expensive way to rent an apartment can be in Lviv – for 4000 UAH.

In the Eastern part of Ukraine the highest cost of renting housing was noted in Kharkov – 4000 UAH. The lowest indicators are traced in Zaporozhye – 1500 UAH.

In the southern part of Ukraine the most favorable prices for rent of one-room apartments in old houses were found in Nikolaev. You can remove this housing here for 1800 UAH. The most expensive apartments can be rented in Odessa – for 6000 UAH.

In the northern part of Ukraine the highest figures are traced in Zhytomyr – 1900 UAH, and the lowest – in Sumy – 1200 UAH.

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