Common FAQ for renting apartment

12.03.2017 | Real estate

This article is created on the basis of frequently asking questions on rent of apartments in Kharkov.

Question: Who pays for the communal (utilities) services of the rented apartment: the lessor or the lessee?
Answer: This issue is discussed when drafting an apartment rental contract. Most often, the lessee pays for electricity, water, gas meters, heating, as well as telephone calls, cable TV, the Internet. Sometimes a lessee does not pay for heating, or only half the cost. All these nuances need to be discussed at the conclusion of the apartment rental contract.

rent agreement featuresQuestion: What documents are required when concluding an apartment rental contract?
Answer: The lessee provides a passport or residence permit. The lessor – documents for the rented house: Certificate of the Right of Ownership for housing (e.g. contract of sale and purchase). If the apartment belongs to several owners, it is necessary or notarial consent of all owners, or their presence when signing the contract.

Question: At the expiration of the lease contract of the apartment, can the contract automatically last for the same period?
Answer: Maybe, but with a mutual desire, both a lessor and a tenant.

Question: When registering a lessee in apartment, does the amount of rent and utility services increase?
Answer: Yes, it increases.

Question: If lessee do not pay for renting can the lessor evict them?
Answer: The lessor should be guided by the clauses of the agreement signed by both parties (the lessor and the lessee). If one of the parties violates the terms of the Lease Agreement, the second party has the right to take appropriate measures.

Question: The lessor constantly visits rented apartment during the absence of tenants. Is it right?
Answer: If an apartment rental contract was concluded, then it should specify how many times a month the lessor can visit the apartment. If there is no such item in the Agreement, then it is necessary to create an Additional announcement to the contract.

Question: Why should a “deposit” be paid to the lessor?
Answer: It is the standard condition of the apartment rental contract. This is insurance in case of damage caused by tenants, debts. The amount of the deposit is equal to the cost of renting an apartment for one month. If there are no violations and damage, then the deposit is used as payment for the last month of the lease.

Question: Is the eviction of the lessee lawful in the event of termination of the contract period?
Answer: Yes, eviction will be considered lawful, in case of refusal – to be evicted in court.

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